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Post date: 9/6/2012
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  • Definition: 1. a pointed end, edge, or projection: the peak of a roof. 2. the pointed summit of a mountain. 3. a mountain with a pointed summit. 4. the point of greatest development, strength, etc.: the peak of his career. 5. a) a sharp increase in a physical quantity followed by a sharp decrease: a voltage peak. b) the maximum value of this quantity. c) (as modifier): peak voltage. 6. Also called: visor. a projecting piece on the front of some caps. 7. a) See widow's peak. b) the pointed end of a beard. 8. Nautical a) the extreme forward (forepeak) or aft (afterpeak) part of the hull. b) (of a fore-and-aft quadrilateral sail) the after uppermost corner. c) the after end of a gaff. verb 9. (transitive) Nautical to set (a gaff) or tilt (oars) vertically. 10. to form or reach or cause to form or reach a peak or maximum.

    Source: Collins English Dictionary. London: Collins, 2000. Credo Reference. Web. 04 September 2012.

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