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  • Definition: 1 to cause (something, e.g. a plant) to reproduce or multiply by natural or artificial processes. 2 to pass down (e.g. a characteristic) to offspring. 3 a to cause (something) to spread out and affect a greater number or area. b to publicize (something) propagate the Gospel . c to transmit (esp energy) in the form of a wave verb intrans. 4 to reproduce sexually or asexually. 5 to increase or extend propagation /-ʹgaysh(ə)n/ noun propagative /-gətiv/ adj [Latin propagatus, past part. of propagare to propagate by cuttings, from propages cutting, shoot, offspring, from pro- 1 + pangere to fasten].

    Source: The Penguin English Dictionary. London: Penguin, 2007. Credo Reference. Web. 03 September 2012.

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