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  • Definition: 1. extending over, including, proceeding from, all or the whole (of something specified or implicit); without exception. 2. applicable to many individuals or single cases; general. 3. affecting, concerning, or involving all; universal military training. 4. used or understood by all; a universal language. 5. existing or prevailing in all parts; everywhere; universal calm of southern seas. 6. versed in or embracing many or all subjects, fields, etc.; universal scholarship. 7. given or extended to all; universal revelation. 8. of or relating to the universe, all nature, or all existing things; universal cause. 9. Logic relating to a proposition that concerns all members of a class; `All humans are mortal' is a universal proposition. Cf. particular, 8 Cf. singular, 6 10. Machinery etc. adapted or adaptable for all or various uses, angles, sizes, etc. 11. (of a joint or the like) allowing free movement in all directions within certain limits. 12. Archaic comprising all; whole; entire. 13. noun that which may be applied throughout the universe to many things, usually thought of as an entity which can be in many places at the same time (distinguished from particular). 14. a trait or characteristic, as distinguished from a particular individual or event, which can be possessed in common by many distinct things, as mortality. 15. Logic a universal proposition. 16. Philosophy a. a general term or concept, or the generic nature which such a term signifies. b. a metaphysical entity which is repeatable and remains unchanged in character in a series of changes or changing relations. 17. Machinery a universal joint, especially one at the end of the propeller shaft in a motor vehicle.

    Source: The Macquarie Dictionary. South Yarra: The Macquarie Library Pty Ltd., 2005. Credo Reference. Web. 29 August 2012.

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