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Post date: 2/6/2013
Posted by: mbensaci
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Multiple Signs

  • Definition: It appears there are very often multiple signs for the same concept. Is this good, or should there be some convergence over time?

  • Example: Look up "algorithm" for an example.

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    This is expected, as most of STEM is new to ASL. Word adoption is faster in English simply because it's an easily broadcasted medium: Newspapers, science articles, etc. Before so long ago, 'computer' meant 'a person who could add and subtract numbers fairly quickly.' ASL doesn't have such easy ability to spread. It's limited to word of mouth (or word of hand, such as it is, nyuk nyuk). I know 3 signs for 'Car'. A half dozen for 'Computer'. Most topics on here are probably even more varied. ASL-STEM is an attempt to create convergence rather than the divergence we're seeing here.

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