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Post date: 8/7/2012
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  • Definition: A subatomic particle with a negative charge and a mass of 9.1066 X 10^-28 gram.

    Source: Hickman, C.P., et al. 2011. Integrated Principles of Zoology. Fifteenth Edition. McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

  • 3:20am 7/3/2015

    User: sarahjones

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    In chemistry, valence electrons are the electrons contained within the outer, or valence, group of associate degree atom. Expert Essay Writer at .Valence electrons are vital in determinative however a component reacts with chemicals with alternative elements: the less valence electrons associate degree atom holds, the less stable it becomes and therefore the additional probably it's to react. The reverse is additionally true, the additional full/complete the valence shell is with valence electrons, the additional inert associate degree atom is and therefore the less probably it's too wet chemicals react with alternative chemical components or with the chemical components of its own kind.

  • 9:40am 9/19/2013

    User: rogertbiles

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    I prefer the electron sign in the Chemistry file. Why? The nucleus looks like a point, not like a letter E.