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Post date: 7/18/2012
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  • Definition: Acronym for Integrated Services Digital Network.A worldwide standard for the delivery of digital telephone and data services to homes, schools, and offices. ISDN services fall into three categories: Basic Rate Interface (BRI), Primary Rate Interface (PRI), and Broadband ISDN (BISDN). Designed as the basic option for consumers, Basic Rate Interface offers two 64,000 bps channels for voice, graphics, and data, plus one 16,000 bps channel for signaling purposes. Primary Rate ISDN provides 23 channels with 64,000 bps capacity. Broadband ISDN, still under development, would supply up to 150 million bps of data transmission capacity.

    Source: Pfaffenberger, Bryan. Webster's new world computer dictionary. London: Wiley, 2003. Print.

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