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Post date: 5/28/2009
Posted by: rajah
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Asl, Pse, English, See

  • Definition: Should we strive for a balance between ASL vs. PSE vs. English vs. SEE? Or should all signs we create here on this forum be purely ASL? Should all signs we create here be purely PSE? Should we be careful to respect differing users' preferences, and not let their voice be lost? Share your thoughts here!

  • 11:03am 6/23/2015

    User: ramaraonan

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  • 1:39pm 5/24/2015

    User: rna8arnold

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    PROGRAMMING can be ASL sign this way PROGRAM TYPING or PROGRAM WRITE. Simple.

  • 2:59am 4/30/2015

    User: zuraxe

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  • 4:07am 4/13/2015

    User: stephanieperez

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  • 12:54am 12/27/2013

    User: bettyphillips

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  • 11:22am 5/28/2009

    User: rajah

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    I prefer to see pure ASL signs, for these are much easier to integrate into the natural flow of interpreting. PSE signs can also fit into the interpreting stream without much disruption, but SEE signs often cannot. Therefore SEE signs should be used only while interpreting in SEE. For example, the derivation of PROGRAMMING from PROGRAM would be unexpected. In ASL, it is rare to derive an action from a noun, so this would be unexpected, whereas deriving COMPILER from COMPILE would be expected.