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General Stem Terminology

  • Definition: Terminology that is used in many STEM fields. Usually, non-technical terms with a general meaning.

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  • 11:15pm 7/21/2015

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    Glossary of plant morphology. Botanists and different scholars who study plant morphology utilize various diverse terms to portray plant organs and parts that can be seen with the human eye utilizing close to a hand held amplifying lens. These terms are utilized to distinguish and arrange plants. This page is given to help in comprehension the various different pages portraying plants by their different taxa. The going with page, Plant morphology gives a review of the study of concentrating on the outside type of plants. There is likewise an in sequential order list, a Glossary of organic terms, while this page manages natural terms in an efficient way, with a few outlines. The inward structure is managed in Plant life structures, and capacity in Plant physiology

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